Elevating to Full Autonomy

Our focuses are on the Automotive, Industry 4.0, and IoT industry verticals. In fact any industry sector that relies on sensor technology, AI and ML to automate their processes need advanced calibration services from Curium to make their systems ultra-reliable and ultra-accurate.
The problem for ADAS systems exists for the deployment of any form of advanced AVs.

ADAS systems (Level 2) are a precursor to the deployment of semi-autonomous (Level 3-4) and fully-autonomous vehicles (Level 5).

The problem for ADAS systems exists for the deployment of any form of advanced AVs.

Industry experts focus on developing AI technology that identifies and reacts to objects. An array of sensors detects these objects. Experts have overlooked the accuracy and reliability of these sensors for full AVs. Before large-scale adoption of AVs can occur, the industry must address sensor accuracy.

the Solution
Curium provides both static and dynamic sensor calibration.

Curium’s product is a full-automated sensor calibration service. This system provides sensor calibration, data maintenance, vehicle health reports and incident reporting. It applies to original manufacturers, after-market repairs, car resale dealerships and fleet managers.

Our product provides both static and dynamic sensor calibration and can adapt to all brands and all types of sensors without limitations.

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Curium's IP applies to real-world needs.

It is particularly useful for vehicles with ADAS such as adaptive cruise control, forward collision detection, lane drift sensors, and parking sensors. Calibrating sensors like these needs to happen quickly and efficiently.

Continuous Dynamic Calibration™
Static or Offline Calibration

Able to calibrate ADAS sensors after vehicle breakdowns or repairs to ensure that the vehicle is safe for road use.

Ongoing Dynamic Calibration

Advanced service that provides a subscription service for partners, channels to obtain data and monetize it in their own business processes. This service will ensure that sensors remain calibrated at all times and alert vehicle operators to defects that could impact the safe operation of the vehicle.

Calibration Platform

Management of calibration data, vehicle history and analytics.

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