Unlocking The Potential of Smart Cities

Smart Cities rely on various sensor technologies to perceive the world around them, we deploy AI and ML to automate the processing of the data to bring value to smart city operators as well as make their systems ultra-reliable and ultra-accurate.
Sensors generate vast swathes of data.  How do you manage and make sense of it all?

Curium AI goes beyond basic data analysis and predictive “rules-based” analysis. Curium utilizes AI for insights based on historical data analysis, as well as using natural language processing and large language models to bring users an interface to ask questions and gain real-time insights in a natural way. No SQL training needed, no data analaysts to import data into tools like Tableau or Excel…. We empower the city planners, mall operators, marketers, security teams etc that need this data to interrogate their data quickly without the need to use data analysts to sanitize, sort, and sift their data.  Bringin data inisghts to the user without a middle man and the time and delay needed to do that.

the Solution
Contextual insights from Large Language Models at the fingertips of the people that need to make decisions in real-time.

What’s the point of capturing the data if it needs budget and resource allocations from diverse teams to sift, sort, and deliver insights?  The delay in getting the insights, the delays in taking action upon them can make or break safety rules, security policies, or any other activities where a decision needs to be made in real-time.

We bring the decision makers to their data, along with contextual insights to speed up analysis.

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Curium's IP applies to real-world needs.

It is particularly useful for any large public spaces that require multiple sensors, or multi-modal sensors.  The cost and time to implement is reduced to simply mounting the sensors and running a quick calibration cycle.  Maintenance costs are reduced too with super fast replacements of sensors possible with minimal downtime.

Real-Time Insights

Sift through tera/petabytes of data  as well as real-time data to gain a situational awareness never thought possible.

Applying AI Responsibly

Advanced AI brings sensor data insights not thought possible, and with LiDAR based sensors it is possible to do all of this responsibly in a GDPR and privacy compliant way.

Rapid Installation and Minimal Maintenance.

Reduce implementation and maintenance costs through Curium’s patented calibration feature that synchronizes multiple sensors and sensor types to create a single holistic view of your environment.

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