The Challenge
More Sensors = More Data

How do you make sense of terabytes and petabytes of data?

How do you you do historical analysis on the data gathered, let alone try and make decisions in real-time?

Piecing together multimodal data for accurate insights

Applying AI to give real-time insights

Speeding up historical data analysis and decision making to real-time

Implemention with minimal calibration effort

Situational Awareness Like Never Before

Cameras, LiDAR, GPS, & Radar to name some sensor types

Enabling automation with ultra high reliability

our solution
Introducing CuSense.  Leveraging AI to gain situational awareness in real-time, and to enable system automations never thought possible.

They specialize in harnessing data from urban sensors like LiDAR, RADAR, and cameras. Using cutting-edge AI and machine learning, Curium
unlocks valuable insights from this data.
The approach enables historical analysis and predictive insights through the use of AI to forecast future trends, allowing cities
to proactively address challenges and optimize resources.

Curium AI goes beyond basic data analysis. It integrates natural language  processing and large language models, enabling users to ask questions and gain real-time insights in a natural way. This empowers city planners and officials to interrogate their data quickly without the need to use data analysts to sanitize, sort, and sift their data.

explainer video

Calibration as a Service (CaaS) for AVs, robots and Industrial IoT devices for Industry 4.0.

explainer video

Providing Smart City Insights, Industrial, Retail, Public Spaces (Train Stations, Airports).  Enabling Safety, Security, and Planning insights never before seen.

Product Capability
A multi-faceted platform that works with any types of sensors

Our expertise in sensors allows for simple installation and maintenance, the system automatically calibrates multiple snesors enabling highly accurate data to be gathered regardless of the sensors deployed.  The systems stack uses powerful Machine Learning (ML) tools to track calibration values, data, and objects of interest for historical analysis and predictive insights.

More efficient and reliable calibration

Adapts to all brands of sensors

Able to calibrate multiple sensor types

Platform agnostic

Self-aware sensor network able to calibrate and re-calibrate

Standardized calibration across different sensors and car makes

Automatic compensation for the calibration errors

Alarm for vehicle health anomalies and incidents


Fully-Automated Sensor Configuration

Machine Learning Based Smart City Insights

AI Algorithms to Analyze Data for Real-time Insights and alerts


Innovation that applies to any industry vertical that relies heavily on automation


Mass Transit



Industrial Equipment

Internet of Things


Dr. Ali Hasnain


Dr Hasnain is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in robotics, opto-electronics, optical imaging and sensing. He completed his award-winning PhD from the National University of Singapore and has won numerous start-up awards. His vision is to bring autonomy on the roads but safely.

Osman Ahmed


Experienced in product design and management, Osman has helped launch numerous telecom services thorughout APAC with multiple facets like network technology, cloud services architecture, and legal & regulatory approvals.

Dr.-Ing. Mohammad Abu-Alqumsa

Safety & Compliance Advisor

Dr. Mohammad Abu-Alqumsan is an expert in Processes, Methods, and Tools in E/E safety-related systems, according to functional safety standards like ISO 26262. He has a doctorate from the Technical University of Munich in Brain-Computer Interfaces in Robotic Applications.

News Highlight
News Highlight

New partnership to drive innovation in mobility sector, boost local start-up ecosystem

SINGAPORE – Start-ups in the automotive and mobility sectors can shift to a higher gear in their innovation and commercialisation efforts with the launch of a new organisation on Tuesday (July 19).

Co-pace, a partnership between government agency Enterprise Singapore and German automotive company Continental, will create strong partnerships and invest in innovative start-ups in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific, excluding mainland China.